It’s been so long since I’ve posted, but my interests do wax and wane just as the moon phases themselves. For a while, I lived as I wanted doing what I wanted and when. I needed that time to myself- to really rest and be in the moment. Though not much was accomplished, I’m finally rested and ready to begin the next chapter of my life.

Now with new energy I’m revisiting some of the things I’ve been meaning to do-things like spiritual maintenance and cleansing the energy centers as well as the aura. I did this today during a meditation which can be found here and immediately I began feeling the layers of negativity begin to fall away. It was an emotional experience finally being able to let go and begin anew.

Reconnecting with my spirit guide was incredible. The feeling of familiarity as soon as I felt her presence. Many years ago when I began my spiritual journey I spent a lot of time meditating and traveling the astral. It was something I looked forward to. But doubt can be a nasty creature and it became hard for me as time went on to trust what I was experiencing. Our shadow selves can be a challenging obstacle in fully embracing our beliefs. I didn’t have the courage to push past it before, but with the new year I am setting new goals.

This year I’m going to go with the flow and where my spirit guides me, and I hope that others take the leap and do so too.

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Amethyst is one of those stones that everyone should have in their healing crystal collection. Pieces are easy to find and relatively inexpensive (The one above I found in one of those “fill the bag” displays at a theme park)

Amethyst is a common favorite for many reasons, the first is that it’s a more gentle stone energy-wise. It has a very soothing warm energy to it that gently awakens your spiritual self and helps it become more sensitive and attuned to energies as well as signs from you guides, angels, and deities.

Amethyst is also a great healing stone mentally. Those same gentle energies helps to refresh you as well as comfort. When I hold my amethyst I can easily see whats more important in my life than stress.

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Programming Crystal Companions

One of the numerous methods of protection and magic I use is bonding with a crystal and having it become a companion of sorts. This works great for anyone who may find themselves in need of protection from negativity as well as general spiritual body ‘maintenance’ (Aka keeping energy centers clear and working, staying shielded)

The first things you should do is cleanse and clear your crystal. There’s so many different ways and one should take into consideration that some crystals are not compatible with water, salt, and sunlight. I like to let them sit near a window that is often open. It lets them be cleansed gently by the wind and atmosphere which carries a more subtle version of the energy that sunlight/moonlight gives off. I then clear them energy-wise by holding them, connecting with them, and visualizing white light cleansing them thus raising my vibrations and the crystals shaking it clean of those energies.

When I connect with a crystal, I will sit quietly and feel my vibration pulsing as well as the crystals. I will focus my body’s vibrations to sync up with the crystals. I’ll feel its energy flowing through me, and mine it, so that we are one. This comes after I ground and center, but before I do any work with a crystal whether its programming, clearing, or using its energy to heal.

When it comes time to program I will focus on waking the crystal. This is done as I bond with it, I feel its energies and hold and run my fingers over the stone. The energy I convey to the crystal is just like if I was waking someone dear to me. Positive thoughts and admiration for the stone. I admire it’s features, and focus on its energies.

Once that’s done I will focus my intent and holding the crystal near my nose and face will breath in deeply through my nose. I visualize the crystals energies filling my lungs and circulating my body furthering that bond. I visualize my intent filling that air and when I exhale onto one side of the crystal those energies filling it. I do this for each side.

My crystal afterwords will feel so much more familiar and mine than it did before. It will feel so much more alive and cognizant.

I did this on my labradorite pendant since it’s something I use as part of protection since I often am practicing divination and magic. It is in my mind a being which works with me and helps me. Perhaps it does have a spirit of its own dwelling within, some believe crystals do.

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Balanced Healing

There’s so many different options for the treatment of health problems today. From pharmaceuticals and manufactured medicine, to herbal, to alternative healing like crystal healing, there’s many different things a person can choose to help manage their health.

Two things to remember are that things work best in combination, and things work best when you think rationally about how they can help get you the solution you need.

While I’m very much so a believer that the modern world is over medicated (And this is now being seen with antibiotic resistant bacterial infections), I believe that before you choose to go an alternative only route, to think logically. Sometimes alternative healing alone isn’t enough and sometimes it can even be a little foolish when you’re dealing with a serious medical problem.

Before you choose what method(s) you are going to use to help heal, talk. Talk to friends, talk to those who share your beliefs, and most importantly talk to your physician. Be confident in that your decision is a well informed one.

Treat your physical body right, and give the same love and attention to it that you give your spiritual body.

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Obsidian is one of my “must haves” for anyone looking to work with crystals. It is a pretty useful stone, as it helps one deal with negativity and negative energy.

I view my little piece as a mini vacuum, it absorbs the negative. When I keep it on me I can feel it pulling at my own aura and filtering the good from the bad. I think having a large piece in a room would be fantastic as small pieces can only do so much.

It also is an amazing protector, especially for those who are sensitive such as empaths and intuitives. This stone’s glassy essence ‘reflects’ the bad just as much as it cleanses what’s already there.

It’s a strong stone with very ‘dense’ and ‘heavy’ energies, a very potent one. So if you haven’t worked with this stone, or other similar stones I would use it for little periods of time before keeping it directly on you for a whole day.

Today I’m keeping it on me as both protection and the beginning stages of healing as I ended a toxic friendship last night. I’m keeping my lovely little stone near me and focusing on it’s healing energies while I meditate and pray.

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Citrine is one of those quartz stones that is often overlooked compared to the more popular amethyst and clear quartz. But those who do work with it know it packs a powerful punch in helping to remove obstacles that may get in your way of success. In fact, citrine is considered the stone of success and can help those who are needing some extra help achieving financial, business, and even educational goals.

Citrine has a very lively energy to it. It’s a bright positive stone that encourages the holder to get up and get moving. It gives the holder a burst of energy, creativity, and confidence. I use citrine on days where I feel under the weather or gloomy.

I also use citrine when it comes to my studies. Citrine is one of the few stones that is suggested to students or those who wish to focus on a successful education. I’ve found holding and touching a tumbled or polished piece helps me to focus and the extra boost of energy keeps me from getting over tired.

I love pairing citrine with obsidian as it puts out lots of positive energy while the obsidian keeps me grounded and protected, absorbing the negative around me.

Citrine is one of those stones that I find an essential part of my collection for its multitude of uses and abilities. It works great with other crystals and has a rather charming optimistic energy around it.

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I haven’t been posting a lot of original content lately (Save for the daily draws…) Mostly due to how busy I’ve become.

But now that the seasons are changing I’ll have a lot more time, and have decided that I will no longer link my Instagram to this blog.

As great as it was to know I was uploading content on a near daily basis, I’ve noticed it’s changed how my blog feels to me. It’s much less a space of my thoughts and experiences, and more a second Instagram.

If you did enjoy the what I was posting along with my daily card posts, you can always follow my Instagram, which can be found at the sidebar of this blog.

I’ll be deleting majority of the posts that were linked from it. If you’re interested in what program I used, it’s called “If This Then That” and is actually pretty handy.

I plan to go back to making semi-regular posts here about my magickal world and my spiritual path- I’ve missed sharing and we have a LOT to catch up on!

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March/Aries Crystals

via Instagram March/Aries birthstones 💎 #Aquamarine is the March birthstone aids in opening up communication and enhances emotional awareness. #Bloodstone is the stone of the sign #Aries gives the wearer courage and protection. #crystal #crystals #crystalhealing #healingcrystals #holistic #march #newage #stones #lightworker #wicca #pagan #loveandlight #blessedbe
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Blessed Ostara!

via Instagram Happy #ostara #springequinox everyone! May spring be warm and bountiful!! #wicca #pagan #spiritual #sabbat #spring #holiday
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The Oak and It’s Acorns: Power, Strength, Endurance

Photo Mar 03, 8 15 19 PM

Oaks are considered one of, if not, the most sacred tree in Druidry.

These trees begin life as a tiny acorn and through time and perseverance become the large majestic forest guardians they are known to be.

I’ve always loved Acorns. I view them as a reminder of the changing seasons (Oaks are not green year around) and a reminder of nature itself. They are also a reminder to be patient. The mighty and holy oak did not get so mighty and holy in a  day. Little by little it had to sprout from a seed and grow, withstanding the elements, animals, and other trees.

In a way, I liken an Acorn’s growth to one of spiritual growth. We begin with little spiritual knowledge but we take in from our environment and from others around us and grow to something that was nothing like what we started out as.

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